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Here at  we have many years of Court experience between us and specialise in UK Debt collection. We have in depth experience of how your claim should be presented to the Court.  We are familiar with all methods of enforcement. Each case is dealt with individually; so let our professional approach take the worry of your bad payers for you.

What do we do?

As a supplement to your own credit control system will:-debt collectionDebt Collections

* Write to the debtor giving 7 days to pay. If payment is not made the claim will be processed through the Court on your behalf.

* Continue until payment is made in full or an agreed amount is paid in satisfaction of the claim, or all efforts of recovery have been exhausted.

* If the matter is defended, prepare the Court documentation and witness statements to be used at the hearing.

* Seek your approval at every stage before proceeding.

* Leave you at liberty to withdraw at any time.

* Not make any charge for commission if the money is not recovered.

There are six policies to choose from, each tailored to the specific types of cover required for different events - select the one that you require for more details and a quotation.

What you need to know if the bailiffs do turn up
BAILIFFS collect only certain debts such as unpaid council tax, parking fines or county court judgments.

We are licensed by the Office of Fair Trading as Debt Collectors. As Members of the Credit service Association we are governed by their Code of Practice. we are also members of the Civil Court Users Association.

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  • Entering into an IVA immediately stops all creditor, court and bailiff action for good - no more phone calls, letters, or home visits.


We offer a complete service for debt management and debt advice. As IVA specialists it's our job to provide you with the correct advice to help you reduce your debt and expense.

Debt Collection

  • Debt Enforcement
  • Company Investigations
  • Service Of Documents
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Tracing Service
  • Vehicle Repossession
  • Summonses Issued
  • Statutory Notices Issued

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To make an For more information about our debt collection service or to contact the agency please call 0800 445 11222